We offer energy efficiency calculation:


At the design stage – energy efficiency assessment of the building project.

When putting the building into operation – a temporary energy certificate of the building.

If an energy audit is performed for an existing building.


Energy efficiency calculation complete with PRANA recuperator – MORE BENEFICIAL!


Europe buildings:


consumes all the energy consumed


from all CO2 emissions

The European Commission’s (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) sets minimum energy performance requirements for buildings with the aim of reducing or eliminating energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Defines calculation procedure, intervals, methods, etc.


In Latvia, the calculation of energy efficiency is regulated by the Energy Efficiency Law, LVS standards and MK regulations:

  • No.26: Regulations on energy auditors – defines basic concepts
  • No. 348 (39): Calculation method for energy efficiency of a building – specifies the calculation method for the situation in Latvia
  • No. 383 (504): Regulations on energy certification of buildings – defines energy certificates for the situation in Latvia.